Angels and Titans

Patryk and Angelito face off against Dave and Quinn in a tag team match

It’s the debut match of the twinks Patryk and Angelito. Unfortunately for them, they are put against Dave and Quinn, the Titans of Terror. Dave is known in this league for being extra brutal to his opponents, often going off script to humiliate and punish his opponents. What is in store for poor Patryk and Angelito?

This match takes place at the start of Dave’s career, so chronoligically it is the first Dave story. It happens before all his other adventures like Locker Room Boys or Bathroom Encounter.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.97 to 31.100

The Titans of Terror finally end the torment of the twinks and take them off backstage for some more extended punishment.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.93 to 31.96

Quinn finishes inside Angelito and the poor jobber angel passes also collapses down on the mat

Tier 1 Spectator

31.89 to 31.92

Dave finishes inside Patryk and dumps him on the ground like a broken rag doll.

Tier 1 Spectator

31.81 to 31.84

Dave breaks Patryk some more then claims his tight hole

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