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    1. Glad you like it. There might be a post-match stakes backstage where the winners get to enjoy the losers in a more private setting, but with the VIP guests able to view via webcam. If you wanna see more of Patryk, check out his other matches. On the main STORY CATALOG page, click on his name as a filter to see all the stories with Patryk in it 😀

  1. 85

    Dave grinned as he bounced Patyk up and down, each time, his thick cock sinking deeper into the trapped twink. Patyk was screaming in pain, while he wasn’t virgin he was tight.
    Dave grinned in obvious pleasure, patyk’s tight ass was squeezing his cock hard, trying to keep him out but all it was doing was making the horny beast fuck him harder.

    Dave shivered as he pushed Patyk down, the blonds ass fully touching his hips as he finally was balls deep.

    ”ARRRRGGHGHGHGHGHGHG” Patyk screamed as the crowd cheered.


    Dave panted as he continued pushing and pulling his cock in and out of Patyks hole. It was loosening but not fast enough. Dave was about to growl and bend the Twink over to get some proper leverage when he spotted the fence. His lips twisted into a evil grin as he slammed Patyk’s foot into the fence, turning it slowly so it end on to the crowd. Patyk was moaning in agony, not paying attnetnion to anything apart from the throbbing pain in his ass.
    Patyk’s eyes shot open as he stopped screaming, his mouth open in sudden horror.

    The crowd cheered noticing what Dave had done. The blond titan had rammed the twinks balls into the cold metal fence. The twinks cock spurted pre onto Daves muscled hands as he was paralyzed. Then Dave slammed his cock in home, driving the balls into the fence again.


    Dave closed his eyes, feeling his own eruption approaching as he fucked Patyk mercilessly, slamming the twink into the fence with his mammoth thrusts. Patyk was groaning in pain and some pleasure, though each hit to his balls caused his scream to change pitch.
    Daves arms tightened around Patyk, pressing his cock into his abs and trapping it as he sped up. Grunting like a lion in heat. Pre leaking from his cock, giving some lube to the brutalized hole of Patyk.


    Quinn was just as busy, making sure Angelito was completely deflowered. His cock driving relentlessly against the angel’s prostate. Angelito was mewling in pleasure, ignoring the pain, the pleasure overwhelming his nerves. Quinn held on tight as the Ref shook his head, moving back to watch, his hand moving down to adjust his pants to try to hide his own boner.
    Angelito let out a gasp “ahhhhhh!” which turned into a low moan as his cock pushed up and fired.
    a spurt of cum shot out, slamming into the twinks abs as the crowd cheered.

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