I’m Back!

I’m back, and with new content! An important announcement before we continue. I’m more reliant on the patron income, so this is now slowly becoming my near-full time job. So your support of my work is more important than ever. So please reach out to me so i know how to increase your satistfaction with my work. If you are an long-time patron, here is a small guide to the changes: Tier Simplification First, I simplified the tiers. The old tiers needed too much explanation and really tried to simplify the process to make the different tiers easier to understand. Stories are no longer divided between backstage and not, because they tend to blend into each other anyway. Spectator €8 – Access to a fixed set of basic stories to get the good sample of my content. No new panels are added to this tier, except that a whole story can be added to this set from time to time. Front Row €21 (Formerly Backstage Pass) – Access to a rotating set of stories, including the new content for those stories VIP €42 (Formerly Season Pass) – Access to the VIP stories and Early Access. Ringmaster €99 – Access to the Archived Stories. Basically, all new content is for Front Row or higher now. Olf stories are now locked away in the archive. Alternatively, if you have had a lifetime pledge of over €500, you gain access to the Archived Stories (no need to to to the heigest tier) You can check the detials in the updated Tier Comparison Some tiers are no longer there, such as the “Ringside Pass” tier. If you are in a tier that no longer exists, you need to pick a tier from the new list to gain access to content. Switched to € My page has been on the euro for a while but I kept the

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