The Audition, Updated for Ringside Pass

Four new panels (26.23 to 26.26 Trapped and Dominated) has been added to Chapter 26: The Audition and are accessible to Ringside Pass ($15) holders. Leon is trapped and dominated by the double teaming studs. A summary of the released

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Storage Threesome Updated for Backstage Pass

Four new multi-panels (b11.09 to b11.12 Punched and Cuffed) have been added to story Behind the Scenes 11: Storage Threesome and are available to Backstage Pass ($22) patrons. Patryk allows himself to be cuffed and awaits further punishment. A summary

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Chapter 22: Galpão, Updated for Basic Pass

Four panels (22.25 to 22.28 Choking and Pounding) from  Chapter 22: Galpão  have been made avaiable for Basic Pass ($10) holders. Luiz enjoys his free moments with Shu to choke and pound the writhing twink over and over. A summary

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