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Free content can be viewed without a log in or subscription. But for everything else, you need an active subscription to my Patreon page.

Non Subscribers

You need to be logged in to this site to access nude or erotic content. To log in, first you need to have an active subscription to my Patreon page. Click on the Become A Patron button on this page to create a subscription then you can log in on this site by clicking on the orange Log in with Patreon button.

Patreon Subscribers

If you are already subscribed to my Patreon Page, here is how you access content on MarcusWrest.com

1) On your normal web browser, go to www.patreon.com. If you haven’t already, log in your Patreon account. This step in necessary because MarcusWrest.com needs to check if you are are already a Patron before granting you access.

2) Once you are logged into your Patreon account, on the same browser, go to www.marcuswrest.com and click on the orange “Log in with Patreon” button at the bottom of the page

3) Select “Allow” on this page. This will log you in and bring you back to the main page of Marcus Wrest.

4) Check the upper right corner to see if you are logged in. If you are logged in you will see your name on the ******

You should now have access to panels that are unlocked for your tier. For a detailed breakdown of the different tiers and what they have access to, please read Subscription Options.

Now go to a story that you want to see and click on its panels, and you should be able to access that story if its in your tier.

If you somehow get to this menu:

Leave the username and password fields empty!

Do not enter a user name or email address. That is for wordpress users or special accounts only. Just leave those blank and click the orange “Log in with Patreon” button.

Private Mode/Incognito Mode

Marcuswrest.com cannot be viewed if your browser is in incognito mode or private mode. My site needs to check if you are logged in on Patreon and if you are a valid patron before granting you access, and this cannot be done in private or incognito mode. So please use your normal browser settings.

Error: WordPress user with the same email you use at Patreon exists.

If you get the error message “”Sorry. A WordPress user with the same email you use at Patreon exists. Please log into this site with your WordPress user first, and then log in with Patreon to link these two accounts.” This means that you probably had an older membership to this site. The older account needs to be removed first. Send me a message via Patreon that you are receiving this error message. I will delete your old/expired account. Once I do that, you can log in via the orange “Log in with Patreon” button as normal.

If you need more assistance, send me a message on Patreon and I will do my best to help you

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  1. george says:

    how do i unsubscribe and why do you make it so hard to find out how…i’ve spent a lot of time going round and round here and can’t find unsubscribing link anywhere…will someone ploease let me know how to do that…george

    • Marcus Wrest says:

      I would be sorry to have you leave, but you can cancel your subscription on Patreon. Patreon takes care of the billing and subscriptions.

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