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    Dave grinned as he heard Angelito yelling in both pain and pleasure. His hand would push into Patyk’s abs, bending the blond twink over the fence harder. Daves cock throbbed in eagerness as pre dribbled.
    “hear those screams? Your lovely voice will be joining it soon enough”.
    Patyk moaned in pain, his mouth still pressed against Daves groin. Inhaling the sweet musk of the blond destroyer. His cock was leaking more pre and Dave grinned.
    “i think its time for a change, let he crown see how much of a slut you are”.


    Dave lifted Patyk up and stepped over the fence, twisting Patyks torso as he locked his arm around. The crowd cheered as the recognized the move.
    “COBRA TWIST!!!” they yelled and Dave nodded. The blond would twist and Patyk yelled in pain, his body twisted to put immense pressure on his abs. Dave would rub his hand on the taut abs of the Russian twink and feel the pre.
    “you made a mess here, I should make you clean it up but I don’t think your that flexible hehe. Besides im pretty sure you would make more mess so no point cleaning”. His fingers then tightened, digging into the soft flesh.


    Patyk yelled in pain, the abdominal claw digging into his skin as Dave mercilessly twisted and pushed. The crowd cheered, hungry for the next step.
    “Stop playing with your food!” Quinn called from behind them. “Slam your cock up his ass so we can finish!” Dave turned to look at his partner, Quinn was grinning as his hips pumped furiously, driving Angelito into the post with powerful thrusts.
    “just getting the crowd ready” Dave called back as he turned to the waiting tide.
    “shall I fuck him?” he called.
    “FUCK YES! BREAK HIS HOLE! OWN THAT TWINK!” the crowd shouted back and Dave nodded.


    “Hope your not a virgin” Dave whispered as his beefy arms wrapped around Patyk’s waist in a reverse bearhug.
    “then again even if you are it isn’t going to stop me”. Patyk raised his arms to slap against Daves as he was hoisted up and then Daves throbbing cock pressed against his ass.
    “NO NO NO NO NO!” Patyk begged as Dave wiggled his hips, pushing his cock between the pale cheeks.
    the crowd cheered as the twink begged but Dave was not listening.
    Dave then thrust his hips up, pushing his thick cock into Patyk’s hole.

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