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    Dave’s arms lock tighter around Patyks waist, crushing the twink as his thrusts increased. Patyk weas mewling in pain, his ass loosening as Dave’s massive dick bored in and out of him. The crowd was clapping in rhythm to the titan’s balls slapping against the twinks ass.
    “ugghhh im…almost….there” Dave grunted as he lifted Patyk off the ground.


    “AAHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSS!” Dave roared as Patyks mouth opened in a scream that was drowned out by the alpha male. Dave pumped his hips forward, his cum flooding into Patyks hole.
    The crowd cheered as they watched the spectacle. Many in the front row, gripping their pants in mutual pleasure at the sight. A few licking their lips as Dave finshed pumping and then released his hold.


    Patyk hit the floor with a thud. His body unmoving as he laid knocked out by Dave’s dick. Dave looked down, his cock throbbing, hard and heavy. It was coated in his cum, traces still leaking from the urethra. Dave raised his foot and placed it on Patyks ass, moving the twinks gear up to cover his ass. After all the crowd didn’t get to see that. Then dave nudges patyks body, turning the twink onto his back.


    Dave smiles as the crowd chants his name “DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!!!” He bathed in adoration, the crowd cheering his victory. He lifted his foot and placed on Patyks cock. It was just resting but the alpha smiled.
    “its time for you to wake up bitch. I’m not through with you yet”.
    Dave pushed his foot down, crushed Patyks cock and balls.

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