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    Quinn grunts as he heard the roar from Dave and then the crowd chanting HIS name. His hands hold Angelito up as the twink slumped forward. Quinn grins as he thrusts into the unconscious Italian, his own orgasm approaching.
    “aaaahhhhhhhhh!” Quinn moans in pleasure, filling the twinks hole with his seed.
    “bet you loved that little slut. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll enjoy what we have planned next”.


    Quinn steps back, releasing Angelito who slides down the padded post. Quinn spreads his arms wide as the crowd moves to chant “TITANS! TITANS! TITANS!!!” Quinn’s lips turned into an ugly smile before changing back as he waved to the masses. Quinn felt the ref stand behind him and reach around, his hand moving to rub Quinn’s erection.
    “you need to finish the match still” the ref whispered as his fingers toyed with his cock “then you can take them backstage and do whatever you want to them”
    Quinn nods “Do a 10 count, I want it clear that we won”.
    The ref nods as he drags his finger up Quinn’s dick, “See me after you’ve had your fun”.


    Quinn grins as he reaches down, knocking the hand away from his cock. “make sure to prep your hole” Quinn replied as he gripped Angelitos boot and started to haul him into the centre of the ring. Dave would turn to see Quinn dragging the unconscious body and turn back to the crowd.
    “thats it you stupid bastard, I do all the work and you get all the glory” Quinn muttered under his breath as he dropped the limb. With a savage kick, Quinn flipped Angelito onto his back.


    Quinn dropped down, pressing his hard cock into the semi-hard dick of Angelito. His hand pressed the twink’s shoulder against the mat.

    “ONE” the ref’s hand slaps the mat and the crowd starts to clap.
    “TWO!” the crowd hushed waiting for the next call
    “THREE!” the ref called. The crowd cheered as the bell rang but the ref shook his head.
    “FOUR!” the crowd got to their feet realizing what was going on.
    “FIVE!” Dave flexed as his foot pressed into Patyk’s cock, trying to get the twink to awaken.
    “SIX!” Quinn grinned as one of Angelitos eyes started to twitch.
    “SEVEN!” the ref was hitting the mat with each call.

    “EIGHT!” the crowd started to stamp their feet, ready for the climax.
    “NINE!” Quinn’s cock throbbed in anticipation.
    “TEN!!!” The crowd roared as the bell rang continuously, signifying the end of the match by the overwhelming domination by the TITANS.

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