Special Panels

These are special panels that don’t belong to a story.

Dreamscapes 1: Thierry’s Fantasy

What happens in the dreams of our wrestlers? Using advanced mind probing technology we are able to capture the hottest and wettest dreams of our wrestlers and their fans. Dreamscapes break the boundaries of reality and show us fantasies that can blow your mind as you blow your load. Ever imagined what it would be […]

Behind the Scenes: Brazil

Things that happen at the warehouse  location in Brazil where Galp√£o and Luiz’s Punishment was filmed. Posts

The Punching Bag

Damon and Romeo get annoyed at Joao and decide to teach the young punk a lesson.

Dave’s Admirer

A fan gets to meet Dave at the filming of “Dave vs Hikauru”.

Behind the Scenes

Medhi vs the Twins

Medhi challenges the twins Brayden and Jayden to a NHB fight after they humiliated him on a live stream.