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    Quinn would smile as he lifted Angelito up and drapped him over the corner post. Then he stood behind the unconscious twink and spread his arms for the crowd.
    “WHO’s the champs!” Quinn shouted.
    “TITANS! TITANS! TITANS!” the crowd shouted back.
    Quinn smirked as the VIP section stood, clapping eagerly.
    Quinn made sure the VIP section got a good look at his body, especially his hard cock pressed against Angelito’s shoulder.


    Quinn dropped down, pulling his singlet down, his dick throbbing with pre. The black-haired hunk licked his lips, reaching and pulling the heart speedo to the side.
    “I hope your not a virgin, cause if you are your not going to enjoy this.” Quinn reached down, touching his leaking cock.
    The ref was looking at Dave and shouting at him to release Patyk. Quinn positioned himself, smirking at the crowd.
    “FUCK HIM!” Several people called out and Quinn raised an arm in acknowledgement.


    Quinn pushed his hips up, his dick pushing between the firm cheeks.
    “mmm not bad, but this will wake you up”. Quinn gripped the twinks waist as he continued to push up, finding the closed hole.
    “time to see how tight you are!” Quinn yelled as his legs tensed and he thrust up. His cock spearing against the closed hole. He pushed, grunting in pain and he could feel Angelito stirring slowly. His grip tightened and then he pulled back and thrust up hard.
    “AAGHAGHAGHAGHGHG!!!” Angelito was brought back to full consciousness as a throbbing pain radiated from his ass.

    then crowd jeered in pleasure as they heard the scream of agony. Quinn would moan as the tightness, and he grinned savagely.
    “Well that’s another cherry to add to my collection!” the crowd laughed as the referee finally turned around and rushed over.


    “Stop that! Pull out of him! You weren’t supposed to fuck him until later, backstage! Fuck! get out of him and get your partner!” Quinn rolled his eyes as he started to thrust in and out. Starting a powerful rhythm that left Angelito gasping. The twinks cock was throbbing as pain and pleasure warred through Angelitos body.
    “aghagahgahg!!!” he still cried in pain but there were notes of pleasure in his moans of pain.
    Quinn smiled as he felt the ass tighten around his cock, proving the twink wanted this.

    “yeah you like being my cock sleeve huh! Don’t worry Daddy will fill you up. Then after I’ll give you a second round.”
    Angelito moaned his eyes rolling up as Quinn hit one spot in particular. Thhe twink started to gasp and writhe in pure pleasure.
    “thats your fun button and ill keep hitting it!”

    Angelito shuddered, gasping as the violation continued, picking up speed. His prostate being hit multiple times as his cock pulsed, pre leaking with each movement. Angelito let out a sharp cry of pleasure and the crowd cheered.
    Quinn laughed as his hand reached around, feeling the twinks cock and thhe amount of cum.
    “oh boy! You love being my bitch. You just orgasmed!”

    The Referee growled in displeasure as Quinn continued to thrust.

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