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    Dave grins as he steps down, grabbing Angelito’s curly hair as he lifted the muscle twink up and onto his brawny shoulders. His other hand pushed the chair off Patyk and then gripped the blond’s ankle and started to drag him towards the corner of the arena. Quinn slapped the ring, next to the corner post and Dave tilted his huge shoulders, Angelito rolling off them to land face down onto the sweaty canvas.

    Quinn grinned “i think its time to earn the big bucks. Make the show good”

    Dave pulls Patyk up and then lifts him over the guard rail, pulling the twinks arms behind the rail and pressing them against his body.


    Daves huge hand then gripped the twinks pecs and gave a squeeze, his thumb rubbing over the tight little nipple.
    “come on you little twerp, show this guys how much you are enjoying being my toy” Dave said to jeerz from the closest members of the audience. Patyk growled and mumbled something as Daves hand moved down and pushed into his white speedo. Patyk let out a low moan, his eyes closed for a moment as Dave stroked the cock and then he pushed the speedo down.

    The crowd closest to the pair gasped in amazement at Patyks cock that was big for his size.


    Quinn had rolled Angelito over, and then grabbed his ankles, Angelito moaned, dazed by the blows earlier and not comprehending the situation he was in.
    “while Dave is being nice, ill be mean”. Quinn yelled as he then pulled hard on Angelito’s ankles. The crowd let out a scream of bloodlust as they could see what was coming.

    Angelito blinked and then white exploded behind his eyes. His groin felt a huge pressure, just like it had earlier with Quinn’s elbow slamming into his balls. Angelito’s cock was pressed against the cold metal and Quinn spotted it oozing pre.

    “such a little pain slut, don’t worry ill make sure to empty your balls tonight!”


    Dave grinned as he moved his hand down Patyk’s toned abs, watching the twinks cock throb.
    “someone is excited but I should make you work for this”. He lifted his left arm and then dropped his pit directly onto Patyks face, in a modified Dragon Sleeper.

    Patyk gasped as he could smell the manly musk of Dave, directly inserted into his brain. His mouth opened is surprised as the arm tightened around his head.
    “well get to work, I know a little bitch like you wants to know what a man tastes like so get a good taste”.

    Dave moved his hand down, stoking Patyks abs as he felt the twink slap his sides with his hands. The bows were weak, barely noticeable by his powerful muscles. His hands played with the square muslces that were decently formed. He could feel Patyks mouth opening and the tickling of his tongue working his pit.
    “there we go! Knew you would enjoy it”. Dave would look down and could see pre oozing out of Patyks cock.
    “well we need to give a show ill give you a hand”. Dave meaty bear paw would wrap around Patyks cock and begin to aggressively stroke him off. He didn’t care that this was causing a little pain to the trapped twink, but he continued. The crowd cheering as he worked the cock. A few moments later Dave felt the cock throb and he removed his had to watch a blast of seed shoot out of Patyks cock and fall onto his abs and chest.

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