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    The crowd cheers as Dave rubs the twinks cum soaked abs. He would grin, feeling Patyks tongue working on his pit, the sensitive spot sending a trace of pleasure through his body.
    “yeah you’re a good little slut, making sure im all nice and clean.”
    Daves hands moved down, spreading the cum along the abs more before going down and slapping Paytks bulge. The cum soaking his white speedo.
    Patyk would moan into Dave’s muscular pit, making Dave shiver with glee.

    “Oh that felt good,” Dave announced, and the VIP audience laughed. The blond raised his arm and slapped Patyk’s bulge again, causing the twink to yelp. Dave noticed that the twinks cock throbbed and twitched, like in pleasure.

    “Hey Quinn! This one also enjoys pain!” Dave yelled.


    Dave would turn back to feel patyk mewling into his arm.
    “Time for you to clean something else slut. Lets see how bendy you are.”

    Dave lifted his arm, allowing Patyk to get a large breath of air. The clean air.
    It didn’t last long as Dave slammed his forearm into Patyk’s chest, forcing the twink to bend over the guardrail.
    “Aghghg!!!!” the scream of Patyk was cut off as his mouth was suddenly pressed against Dave’s crotch.

    His eyes quivered, inhaling the much more pungent and manly scent of Daves balls and cock. The VIP audience cheered in pleasure, watching the muscle hunk completely dominate the blond twink.
    Patyks cock would throb again, leaking more of his cum onto Daves hand as it was obvious he was enjoying the situation he was in.


    Quinn meanwhile was having fun with Angelito. The curly haired twink wasn’t enjoying the fun.
    “AAAGHGHAGHG!!! PLEASE STOP!” he would cry out loud to the cheers of the crowd.
    Quinn did not stop. He kept pulling on the twinks leg, watching him squirm and slap the mat.

    Angelito let out a last howl of pain before he slumped fully onto the mat. Quinn would raise his hand and then pull again. The dull thunk of Angelitos ass slapping the pole echoed for a moment.


    Quinn would release his grip and step into the ring, placing a hand on Angelito and then grinning.
    “Hey Dave, I KO’d this twink! Fucker had a glass groin! Ill remember that if we ever meet these 2 again.”

    The ref would approach and nod, agreeing that Angelito was completely out.

    “and now its time for th real fun to begin” Quinn said with an excited grin.

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