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  1. Nicehunter says:


    The crowd cheered as Quinn stood up, planting his foot in ownage over Angelito. Dave raised his hug arms and flexed, his muscled pumped from the fight. Quinn would lift his hand high, enjoying the adoration from the crowd. The ref would be shaking his head as he had to shout just to be heard by the pair.

    “the fights not over yet! You need to finish it by pin in the ring!” Quinn would turn his head to look at Dave, whos smile had turned into a wolfs grin.
    “only in the ring huh. Well I guess then we will have to get them into the ring. How long are we meant to fight for?” Quinn asked in an innocent tone as a smirk danced across his lips.

    The referee blinked as the crowd continued to cheer “until victory. You were the only ones on tonight”. Daves wolfish smile turned into a malicious grin. The blond hunk would step onto the stairs.


    Quinn would turn and walk up the steps, looking like he would talk to the ref with his partner.
    “so anything goes until a pinfall right” Dave asked as Quinn would turn and then leap off. His elbow aimed at the helpless Angel duo.
    “wait yes but NO Stop!” the ref cried as he saw Quinn leap and then he winced as the titan would aim.

    “Just don’t maim them!”

    “No promises” Dave said as he turned to watch the oncoming disaster… for Angelito.


    Quinn moved his elbow, aiming for his target. The over stuffed speedos of the italian angel.
    “i don’t think you need kids” Quinn quipped just before his body impacted Angeliot like a love sick meteor.

    Of course, his elbow his perfectly on target and there was a “AHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAGHGHGHGH” shriek of pain from the angel. Even Patyk groaned at the impact of Quinn’s tight muscled body slamming into angel pile. Quinn smikred as he saw the throbbing cock of Angelito.
    “i think you liked that, don’t worry ill make sure you get to enjoy even more!”

    “My turn” Dave called and Quinn pushed himself off Angelito. The ref shook his head but he was powerless to intervene.

    The crowd bayed in pleasure watching the pair of twinks writhe in agony.


    Dave grinned as he squatted, gathering power in his tree trunk legs as he then launched himself off the steps. Quinn would jump onto the ring and move to the ref.
    “just make sure most of the action is in front of the VIPs” the man said, pointing to the side to the right of where the twinks were currently being used as a trampoline.

    Angelito screamed again in pain, Daves foot slamming into his sculpted abs. The muscled hunk, defienlty heavier than Quinn and causing both angel twinks to scream in pain.

    Dave smirked as he raised his arms and flexed for the crowd. Quinn would turn and smile as he watched his partner and then he jumped down.

    “Remember the main side, lets have some fun with these bitches”.

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