August 29, 2020

26.01 to 26.02 Face Off

Leon and Lucky face each other in the private arena
August 26, 2020

19.14 to 19.17 Grinding Jobbers

With one muscle jobber milked, Hampus turns his attention to the other muscle stud
August 23, 2020

22.09 to 22.12 Headbutt and Rage

Luiz takes advantage of the distracted brothers and goes on the offensive, turning the tide of the fight.
August 28, 2020

22.00 to 22.02 Luiz vs Jun and Shu

The latest match is a random draw between two newbies in a first to cum loses fight. Little blue-haired Shu is horrified to find himself across from older, bigger blond boy Luiz.
August 13, 2020

14.53 Now Kiss (Free Version)

Kyle and Lucky ride the losers like a horse and instruct them to face each other. They want each to see the embarrassment and humiliation of the other.
August 11, 2020

14.53 to 14.56 Now Kiss

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August 7, 2020

19.10 to 19.13 Lee Humiliates Himself

Hampus grinds both muscleboys to the ground until one of them blows his load into his friends back.
October 10, 2020

17.09 to 17.10 Ballbusting Quinn

Amir works on Quinn's exposed balls
August 6, 2020

17.07 to 17.08 Stomping Quinn

Amir works over Quinn's abs and balls in full view of Dave.