Quinn vs Amir

Quinn gets his sweet sweaty revenge on Quinn.

Amir has a score to settle with Quinn. Many years ago, Quinn and his buddies ambushed him in an abandoned public toilet. they beat him, and humiliated him. Now that Quinn is a fighter at Club Chain, Amir has a chance to have his revenge on his bully from many years back.



17.15 to 17.19 Amir’s Perfect Victory

Amir chokes out Quinn and poses over his unconscious body, while Dave helplessly watches. Amir carries Quinn out of the arena for further private punishment.

17.06 Amir’s Victory Howl (Free Version, Remastered)

Sometimes, in the time between the original version and the time I make the free for public version, I would have acquired a few more techniques or new digital assets that make the original image a lot better. Unfortunately, it


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