Hampus vs Jobbers

Hampus takes on two muscle boys in a 2 vs 1 match.


19.03 Crushing Lee

With Danilo on his back in a torture rack, Hampus steps on Lee’S balls, driving the weight of both men into Lee’s poor baby makers

19.02 Hampus Racks and Stomps (Free Version)

Hampus in a warehouse match vs new jobbers Danilo and Lee.   Hampus bends Danilo backwards in a torture rack while he stomps their combined weight over Bernard’s friend Lee. This Free Version has been edited to be suitable for public posting.

Hampus Timeline

Hampus vs Julio and the Smoothie (Chapter 9)

Hampus takes on Julio and an unfortunate spectator who tried to get involved.

This is a private match and is not available on this site

Hampus vs the Muscle Boys (Chapter 19)

Hampus takes on two muscle boys in a first-to-cum-loses match

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