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    “Argh!!!” Ethan yelled in pain.

    Thierry’s combined fists slam into Ethan’s back. Thierry wasn’t holding back as he lifted his arms up again, delivering another brutal HammerBlow.
    Bartoz blinked, his arms lowering as Ethan gripped his body, using the muscular bodybuilder to get himself upright.
    Thierry grinned “push him up for me”.


    Bartoz pushes the gasping Ethan up and Thierry’s arms snaked up, wrapping around Ethan’s arms and then locking behind his head in a full nelson.
    “Now you need to feel exactly how powerful his blows are. This way you know exactly who to pair him up with” Thierry said with malicious smirk.
    “Hit him, don’t hold back, really who off your muscles” Thierry ordered as Bartoz blinked then nodded. The bodybuilder took a fighting stance, a little too stiff for a proper fight, but since he was just hitting a captive it would do.

    “No don’t! You don’t need to ARGHH…!”


    Thierry grinned as the blow sent him rocking back a step, Ethan gasping and starting to retch.
    “Give him a moment between each hit, hit a guy too fast in the guts and they will lose everything, and you don’t want to be cleaning the carpet” Thierry admonished as Bartoz pulled his arm back.
    “no no, start with your hips, point your left one towards Ethan. That’s it, now push onto the ball of your right foot, that’s going to twist outwards, which will then push your right hip forwards. You then follow with your core, then shoulders, your right fist flowing with the movement. putting the force of all your muscle into the blow.”

    Bartoz blinked as he slowly followed the instruction, Ethan gasping as he used the moment to get some air into his lungs.
    Then Bartoz moved, his muscles rippling, following the barked instructions.
    “ARRRRRRGGGGHGHHHHHHH!!!” Ethan howled, his knees buckling under the force of the impact. Thierry grunted, almost being knocked over by the blow.


    Thierry grinned as he pulled Ethan up and then pushed him to Bartoz.
    “Hold him for me, just like I did, I’m going to inspect the damage” he ordered with a smirk. Bartoz caught Ethan, spinning him around and moving his arms up and then securing behind his head just like before with Thierry.
    “Excellent just like that, remember this hold is really good for securing someone and keeping them under your control. You can even bring your knees up, to slam into their sides and really put them in pain.
    “or you know, if there naked, which they will be if you get into this place, good for pushing into them.”

    Ethan moaned, his chest heaving, his arms as strong as wet noodles as Bartoz presses down on his head.
    Thierry hummed in pleasure, gripping Ethan’s shirt and easily undoing the buttons. His fingers deftly dancing across the fabric, slowly revealing the surfers slim body.

    “Damn! Fuck that’s already starting to bruise up just from that one punch. Excellent work!” Thierry grinned, looking at Ethan’s firm yet slender chest. His fingers moving up to tweak the pert nipple.

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