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    Thierry grinned as he reached out, deftly plucking the potted plant from Bartoz’s grip. The bodybuilder flushed as his hands shot down ineffectively attempting to hide his large cock.
    Ethan shook his head as he reached down.
    “Listen, if your interested in pursuing this career path, your going to have to get used to being naked in front of a full recording team. Most matches end with nudity of both fighters, and I can bet your going to be popular.”


    Ethan’s eyes grew the size of a dinner plate behind the glasses as he saw the full size of Bartoz’s weapon.
    “Jeez! Your fucking huge! Yep your going to be popular, even if you you don’t do any sex, just waving that around and slapping someone with it will make money.”
    Thierry’s eyes sparkled, imagining the money he would be receiving for marketing Bartoz.
    Ethan was gripping and touching the hefty cock, muttering to himself “at least 10 inches, about 3 in girth, fuck that’s more than Dave. We are going to get a ton of requests for that”.

    Thierry blinked and then remembered (“I don’t do sex, I just get the guys ready”) from his photoshoot. He grinned “how about you get ready to test him?”


    Ethan blinked as Thierry put the pot away, moving back to behind the muscular man.
    “how about you give his abs a punch or two. Bet you cant make him grunt in pain”.
    Ethan nodded as Thierry disappeared behind Bartoz, only his fingers visible as he lifts Bartoz’s arms up.
    Bartoz flexed his torso, his pecs rippling, abs tightening, a picture perfect male specimen right out of an anatomy book.

    Ethan whistled softly, impressed by Bartoz’s body. “ok time to see how strong those abs are”. Ethan twists, taking a classic boxing stance. Thierry’s eyes widened in surprise as Ethan powers forward. Hips twisting, shoulders moving, adding power to the punch.
    Bartoz didn’t even sway as the blow hit. The thump of fist hitting ripped skin echoed around the apartment.

    Bartoz smirked “is that the best you got?” he asked Ethan, staring at the slender man.


    Thierry grinned as he watched Ethan square up and fire a flurry of punches, each having no effect on the muscle bound stud.
    After the 15th hit, Thierry called out “why don’t you try to move him? It’s obvious that his abs are up to the job, but this lets you know if he can withstand your entire body.”
    Ethan nods, “yeah but remember the other fighters will be stronger than I am. Im not really the best metric for testing him.” Thierry shrugs, stepping out from behind Bartoz, and silently moving to behind the slender man.
    Ethan leaned down, pushing his shoulder against the muscular waist and pushed, feeling the engorged cock press into his body. Bartoz continued to flex, his legs easily adjusting to keep himself upright against the force.

    Thierry smiled, his arms raising up “time to make this interesting, for me”. His tone dropped and Ethan blinked.

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