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    Ethan moanes as Thierry’s fingers played with the nipple.
    “what the fuck man! I’m not your toy!” Thierry smirked as he heard that, his head moving down. His tongue flicking out, tasting the nub. Ethan groaned in pleasure and Bartoz tightened his hold. The moan changing from pleasure to pain.
    Bartoz licked his lips, his cock pressing tight against Ethans bubble butt.

    “you are what I want you to be. After all you are getting well compensated for being his training dummy hehe. This is a necessary part of his training. Especially if I want him as my partner”.


    Ethan blinked in surprise “but your shoot didn’t go ahead, though you were hot in the pics with Lucky”.
    Thierry snarled as he removed his mouth from Ethans nipple. His fist tightening as he fired a strong cross into the surfers’ abs, right on the bruised spot.
    “Argh!” Ethan cried in pain, his body shaking under the impact.
    “My scene was cancelled due to Kyle! Lucky and I had excellent Chemistry. Not my fault his boyfriend was jealous of me. Then again, I would be jealous of someone hotter than my boring ass going after my boyfriend”.


    Thierry shakes his head, hiding his expression as Bartoz pushed Ethan’s head down. He will get his revenge on both Kyle and Lucky soon.
    “Well I think its time for more education! Hold him tight, I’m going to see what he’s packing”.
    Thierry’s fingers gripped the Ethan’s pants and pulled the zipper down. He could see Ethans cock as he pushed the pants down half way. His foot then stomped on the rest of the jeans, pushing them down to entangle his ankles.


    “Ok I gotta admit that’s a nice cock”. Thierry remarked as his hand gripped Ethans dick. It wasn’t as big as his or Bartoz, but it was respectable.
    “you need to work on your legs more, then again you’re a surfer so I guess you don’t need to show them off”.
    His hand started to move up and down the cock, stroking it slowly. Blood slowly filling in and Ethan moaned.
    “so Bartoz, now that he is nude, what would you do now?”

    Bartoz only grinned and Thierry smirked, the thick cock pulsing behind Ethans body.

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