52.21 to 52.24

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50.41 to 50.44

Thierry enjoy’s Ethan’s lean body, stripping the surfer hunk naked.

50.33 to 50.36

Ethan inspects Bartosz and tests his muscles. But Thierry has more devious plans.

53 to 56

Damon and Romeo are hung upside down naked and used as a punching bag.

33 to 36

Joao is tied to the corner and attacked, aroused, and humiliated.

25 to 28

Damon pummels Joao with gut punches and low blows, and gets him into a submissive position.

31.24 to 31.27

Patryk tries to save his partner but only ends up getting trapped in the ring with him.

31.21 to 31.23b

Quinn and Dave double teams Angelito and discover that he is hiding quite a tool under those white trunks.