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    Connor shook his head as he came over, “you think you can just hang there and take the ab abuse? Patyk and Angelito have managed to withstand not only you terror in the ring, Which you two went off-script a bit. They have to withstand your blows now”. He pointed at Dave’s arms,
    “Not many actors at Marcus Wrest have your strength and musculature. Even pulled your blows hit like a truck.”

    Patyk nods as he is restrained and Dave cocked his head.
    “Then show me what you can do, don’t hold back and let’s see if you can make me hurt at all”.
    Quinn, Connor and Angelito all blinked in surprise. Patyk only grinned as he twisted to the side, making sure to get a good view of the action.


    “Ok meathead, Angelito, move his huge dick to the side. I don’t want to hit it by accident as I destroy his 6 pack”. Angelito nods, gripping Dave’s throbbing cock and pulling to the side. Connor set himself up in a boxing stance, left leg forward, right leg back. Dave grinned as he flexed his body, his abs contracting forming a wall of solid muscle.
    “bring it on” Dave announced with a grin. Quinn looked past Connor, Noting the camera was getting a good view and still recording.

    Connor’s hips torque, his shoulders rotating forward as he threw a textbook-perfect right cross into Daves’s Abs.
    Dave’s body swayed a little, Angelito taking a step back as Connor pulled his fist back.
    “Was that really it?” Dave asked with a cocky grin, “Cause if so, you should really hit the gym, otherwise your never getting out from behind the camera.”

    Connor growled, twisting his body to throw another punch into Dave’s open gut. Quinn watched with interest as the sound of fist hitting flesh echoed in the small room.
    “5…6…7…8” Patyk counted as Connor unleashed a barrage of blows, starting to pant a little. His fists flew in a barrage of punches. Dave’s body rocking with the blows but he was still grinning.
    “Now your getting somewhere,” Dave remarked, “Eventually youll get there.”

    Connor bared his teeth as he pulled his fist back, ready to unleash a haymaker punch…


    Connor’s head turned around, locating the source of the sound. The computer. He shook his head, breathing out hard through his nose, taking a step back.
    “bah let me see what the bosses want” Connor grumbled, stomping back.
    Quinn walked behind the pair of hanging studs, lightly pushing Angelito out of the way.
    his hands roamed around Dave’s muscular body, enjoying feeling the powerful muscles.

    “got to admit, it’s hot to see you being worked over Dave. Come on Angelito, you want a turn at the punching bag that is Dave? Trust me, you’ll enjoy punching him”.
    Dave would grin, his eyes locking to Quinn’s as his partner rubbed his abs. Quinn noted that they were going slightly pink, indicating that Connor’s blows had been doing some damage.

    Angelito moved closer to Patyk, his gaze on Dave’s restrained body. He pursed his lips, thoughts racing in his head.
    “If I was free, I would be bashing those abs in,” Patyk said in a wistful tone.


    Angelito stepped close to Patyk “but you look hot like this” the brown twink said as his hand gripped the blond boys cock. Stroking it as he looked into his partner’s eyes. Patyk opened his mouth, smiling in pleasure as his gaze met Angelito’s.
    Dave looked at the pair and snorted softly.
    “if Marcus Wrest ever gets involved in softcore stuff, I bet you two would be the main stars” the blond hunk remarked as Quinn chuckled next to him.

    “they do have great chemistry, though I bet your jealous” Quinn teased as his hand dug into the reddening abs. Dave twitched as he glared at this tag partner.
    “Jealous? Me? Nah I got my own gig. Plus with how the studio is going, I’m going to be busy plowing everyone else here. You hear about that Thierry dude? Boned Lucky on his audition. I feel he would’ve been my toy if he didn’t wash out.”

    Connor glowered at the screen, fingers typing as he read that the live streaming was ready to resume. His question to the producers sitting in the field.
    “want do you want to see? I think changing it to Dave getting punished could be more interesting”.

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