b12.52 to b12.55 Seeding Medhi


  1. MontrealBoy says:

    Super hot….seeing Medhi completely humiliated and destroyed is amazing!! Question is, who will get the last laugh?

    • Marcus Wrest says:

      Who are you rooting for? ;D

      • MontrealBoy says:

        Tough one! I’d love to see Medhi make a comeback and teach the twins a lesson. BUT….seeing Medhi completely dominated, humiliated and totally destroyed is hot. Especially if he succumbs to the chokehold and laid out for everyone to witness his complete defeat. Maybe if Medhi passes out, twins and lay him out on his back…and then spitroast him while he is completely unconscious…and then spray his face and body with their hot cum to mark him as they conquest…

  2. Nicehunter says:

    you know i think the bendy special can be improved to the double impale bendy special XD

  3. Denny says:

    Very Hot. But in the first picture of 52 there appears to be an extra arm playing with the twin’s dick.

  4. Michael says:

    I like seeing this option for the twins potential win, but im really looking forward to seeing Medhi get revenge and totally owning them.

  5. Thomas says:

    Both options are hot but this is Mehdi’s time to humiliate those arrogant twins. He needs to lay them out and spray his conquests!

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