Medhi vs the Twins

Medhi challenges the twins Brayden and Jayden to a NHB fight after they humiliated him on a live stream.

Medhi has a score to settle with The twins Brayden and Jayden. The twins recently embarrassed Mehdi in front of all their fans on a recent livestream. In the stream, they saw the twins make Medhi lose a last-to-cum game and made him lick up all their collected spunk. (See Behind the Scenes 6: Medhi and the Twins)

Medhi wants to put the twins in their place and get some payback so he challenges them to a 2 vs 1 tag match at the Rave Cave Fight Club.

Medhi, the twins and their friends sometimes perform live music at this club, and they occassionally fight there too. (See Chapter 28: Rave Cave Fight Club) They decide to have their match at the club’s octagon before the club opens for the night.  They hit the club at the early afternoon . They strip down and get ready for a fight…


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b12.80 to 83

Medhi blows his load but he still wants to have more fun with one of the twins.

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b12.76 to 79

Medhi now owns the twins for the rest of the night and starts ordering them to pleasure him.

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b12.72 to 75

Brayden finally blows his load and Medhi claims victory over the twins.

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b12.68 to 71

Medhi has one last demand from the twins before he lets them go. And Brayden reluctantly agrees.

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b12.64 to 67

Medhi makes Jayden clean up his mess then takes him on from behind.

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b12.60 to 63

Medhi implements a series of back breaking torturous moves on Jayden while Brayden helplessly watches and begs him to stop.

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