b12.80 to 83


  1. Thomas says:

    Looking good…more, more!

  2. fazvaz04 says:

    I love twins! Can you make the twins make out and fuck each other? It will be so hot!

  3. TJL says:

    Does Mehdi think he can humiliate the twins like this and get away with it? The twin studs will get their revenge!

  4. TJL says:

    The twins’ reputation as the sexiest and most dominant studs at the Rave Cave Fight Club is being single-handedly demolished by this fucker Medhi! Medhi has blown big loads in Jayden’s ass and on his face, made Jayden lick his own jizz off the mat, and forced Brayden to spunk all over his brother’s face. Not to mention the twins’ incestuous kissing around Medhi’s cock. This is after Medhi stomped Jayden in the balls and dry-humped his face back in the penthouse. All of this humiliation is being witnessed by the twins’ fans everywhere because the cocky brothers set-up a camera to live-stream the event. Their privilege, their status, their boyband careers are all slipping away. To hell with the agreement for stakes — cheating or not, it’s time for Jayden to take action to avenge the twins’ manhood and put Medhi in his place.

    • Marcus Wrest says:

      Hell yeah! I truly appreciate that you pay attention to the story details! I’ll resume work on this story soon. But unfortunately they still agreed to stakes. The twins will still have to pay the price for losing. (and just getting fucked isn’t the only consequence)

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