February 20, 2022

05 to 08 Come at Me Bro

Damon and Romeo try to ignore Joao but the twink just keeps pestering them with lewd comments.
February 16, 2022

Joao Shows Off

Joao proudly shows off his goods. Damon shows his playful side by pranking Joao on set.
February 14, 2022

4 to 7 Bendy Special

The twins dominate their opponent wit their bendy special move in a the octagon.
February 11, 2022

52 to 55 Money Shot

Dave bends Hikaru in half and seeds him in front of the eager crowd.
February 10, 2022

21 to 24 Mouth Stretch

Tommy gets his mouth full with Dave's hog.
February 2, 2022

b12.52 to b12.55 Seeding Medhi

Medhi is seeded by the twins on each end and put in a sleeperhold.
January 31, 2022

26.62 to 65 Snowballing and Climax

Leon plays with Lucky a bit more before finally making him climax.
September 25, 2021

32 to 35 Foreign Weapon

Dave smashes Hikaru's abs, balls and face over and over with his own steel toed boot until the young man passes out.
August 12, 2021

26.38 to 26.41

Lucky and Leon have some fun with Kyle who is now cuffed to the corner, but Lucky might have just put himself at a dangerous position.