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    Thierry, didn’t wait for Bartoz to answer, dropping down, face pressing against Ethans’ smaller cock. His hand reached around to grip Bartoz’s monster cock. His hand moved along the throbbing shaft. His saliva makes the movement smoother.
    Ethan could feel the rock-hard throbbing cock press against his butt as he struggled in the hold.
    “no! Don’t you fucking dare! I don’t do that shit!”

    Thierry smirks “Don’t worry you’ll be getting a lot of cash for it. Enough to make you make the rent for a month. Knowing you I bet you do a lot more than you say”. Thierry smirks in delight as he spread more of his saliva on the massive cock.

    “you’re going to want to change position, you’ll need to see for this bit. Later on, when you have practice you can use the full nelson. Also, remove his shirt and keep a firm grip!”


    Bartoz grins in pleasure, his arms easily changing position, freeing Ethan’s hands for a moment. Enough for Thierry to remove the shirt. Now Ethan was completely exposed, his pants wrapped around his legs still. Thierry grinned as he could feel Ethan’s cock throbbing against his face.
    “Now I’ll give you both some advice. Ethan, I want you to tense your ass as much as you can and hold it as long as possible. Bartoz waits for Ethan to fail, most people can only hold their muscles flexed like that for about 30 seconds. After that, it will relax and that makes it easier for you to penetrate. I’ll guide you in. Ahh get ready!”
    Theirry smiled as he felt Ethan starting to spasm, he was following Thierry’s instructions, but he was holding out longer than 30 seconds. After all, he wanted this to be pleasurable to at least one of them.

    “almost there,” the devious stud said, his hand pulling Bartoz’z cock towards the clenching ass cheeks. His pinky pushed between them, causing Ethan to gasp. Theirry hummed as he pushed his hand up, the small pinky pushing between the muscles as he found the tiny hole.
    Ethan spasmed and Thierry pulled on Bartoz’s cock, guiding him inside. He pulled his pinky as Ethan let out a howl of pain.


    “AGHGHGHGHGHG!!!” the surfer bro howled as Bartoz’s monster can of a glans pushed into his hole. His body froze, his eyes wide. Bartoz’s eyes were just as wide, revelling in the tightness pressing onto his cock head. Thierry smirked as his hand moved around to grip Bartoz’s muscular ass, giving a tiny pull. More of Bartoz’s cock was pulled inside. The huge quads flexed as he prepared to thrust.
    “Just wait, a few moments, give Ethan a little time to get used to your size. You are definitely the largest has ever taken. Or maybe even his first hehe. Just be a little patient, wait for him to tighten and then relax. Push in on a relax.”

    Thierryw was used to sex, though he had never taken a cock as big as the one Bartoz was using. He would personally use a lot more lube and prepare himself beforehand. But he can do that later. Ethan was going to be Bartoz’s first conquest. Though a minor one.


    Ethan was gasping for breath. The throbbing rod in his body caused him pain and only a little pleasure. “FUUUUCCCCkkkk!!!” he hissed softly, his chin dropping down to rest on Thierry’s skull.
    Thierry grinned as he moved back, his head moving as he released Bartoz’s ass and grasped Ethan’s cock.
    “ill give you pleasure” he cooed softly, his mouth opening to swallow Ethan’s smaller dick. His tongue lapped at the man’s glans, circling it slowly. His eyes were full of lust as he felt Bartoz push in again.

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