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    Ethan moans, his body shaking in pleasure and pain. His ass sore as Bartoz continued to thrust in and out. “AHHHhhhh FUCKKKK!!” his balls spasmed. Thierry felt Ethans body starting to lock up.
    “Keep going Bartoz! Hes about to blow!” he gripped Ethans dick his head close, mouth open.
    Ethan howled, his ass clenching on Bartoz’s cock. Bartoz’s mouth opened in a gasp of ecstasy. Theirry pumped his hand up and down, pushing Ethan over the edge.
    The surfer boy gasping as his cock throbbed and then fired. A stream of cum shooting out and covering Thierrys face.

    Thierry opened his mouth, tongue extended, catching the seed on his face and mouth.


    Thierry moaned in pleasure, enjoying the warm seed on his face, his tongue licking his lips. Tasting the cum. “not bad, not the tastiest but could be worse. Though I can’t believe you only had a single shot. I think we’ll need to work on that. Maybe edging you will encourage more shots, or just milk you dry” Thierry mused.
    Bartoz was still thrusting hard and fast. Ethan’s ass still clamped tight on his cock, his balls slapping into Ethan’s ass the sound echoing around the empty room.
    Theirry’s hand was stroking Ethan’s cock, just making sure there was nothing left in the chamber, matching Bartoz’s pace.


    “uhhh fuckkk” Bartoz groaned “im about to…” Thierry blinked as those words. His gaze snapped to the hulking bodybuilder. His arms shot up, grabbing Ethan and pulling him from Bartoz’s grip. Ethen gasped as he was freed from the relentless pounding of Bartoz. His ass was on fire as he hit the floor, moaning in pain.
    Thierry rushed forwards, hands reaching out to grab the throbbing cock, giving it a few final strokes as he got into the perfect position.
    “c’mon, you big brute! Gimme your cum!” Thierry ordered.


    “AGHGHAGGGG!!!!” Bartoz bellowed, his body trembling in the throes of ecstasy. Thierry dropped to his knees, pulling the beer can cock to point at his face, closing his eyes. He didn’t want cum in his eyes again. Bartoz spasmed, his cock throbbing, cum at the tip.
    SPLOOSH! Thierry gasped as the seed hit his face, the first rope coating his forehead and closed his eyes. The second rope streamed onto his nose and cheeks. Theirry’s tongue already moves up, catching the first drips of that cum. Thierry grunted as Bartoz’s cock spasmed again! The last rope firing directly into his mouth, causing the experienced incubus to gasp.

    Ethan groaned as he turned, his glasses gone. Watching in both horror and morbid fascination as Thierry eagerly slurped the cum up. Like a baby bird with a meal from its parent.
    “why did I have to work today” he asked to no one as Bartoz howled again. A fourth rope of cum dribbling out, landing on Thierry’s pecs.

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