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    Thierry moves and answers the door. “oh Hi there! Thanks for…wait.” Thierry smiles as he recognizes the delivery man. “Your Ethan! I remember you from the other week!” Ethan blinks as he also recognizes Thierry from the failed photo shoot.
    “Ohh! I didn’t know this is your place” he looks far away for a moment “i don’t remember it being on the application you sent?”
    Thierry smiles “Oh yeah that address was just temporary while I got this place.”
    (I remember he was only doing that gig for extra cash; that explains why he is delivering stuff. Now I wonder…)


    “how about you come inside? I promise I’ll make it worth your while” Thierry said with a dazzling smile. He could see how good his smile was in the reflection of Ethan’s glasses. The lean man froze for a moment thinking on how they’re last encounter went.
    Thierry grins “and I’m not just talking about the tip, my wallet is in the kitchen” he steps back and turns, heading to the kitchen.
    Ethan waits for a moment before hearing Thierry call again “you coming and make sure to shut the door”.
    Ethan shakes his head but he grudgingly follows. His mouth opens at the size of Thierry’s apartment, knowing that it was in a high-class neighbourhood and it was huge.

    Ethan makes his way through the apartment, entering the kitchen and catching sight of a very muscular man trying to hide in the living room behind a column. He spots Thierry at the counter, holding his wallet, a wad of cash in his fingers.


    Ethan places the heavy grocery bag on the counter and takes the cash from Thierry’s hand.
    “Now before you go I have a proposition for you” Thierry said as Ethan put the money in his pocket.

    “Does it have something to do with the nude gigolo in your living room?” Ethan said with a smirk.

    Thierry blinks and then chuckles “well he’s not a gigolo, but a competing bodybuilder and aspiring wrestler. Who is also earning money on the side, much like you are as a mover. Weight work and getting paid, a match made in heaven!” Thierry said in a charming tone as he looked at Ethan again. Noting how easily the lean man had carried a heavy grocery bag in.


    “in fact this is fate! You see” Thierry walks to Bartoz and places his arm on the muscular man’s shoulder. ”Ethan here is a photographer for a wrestling company. I bet he knows exactly what is needed for you to get an audition! I bet they are constantly looking for new blood”.
    Ethan opens his mouth but he sees Thierry making a subtle finger-rubbing motion, usually associated with money and he walks over.

    “Well yes, they do hold auditions all the time but you need some skills first” Ethan said, falling into the trap.
    “excellent! Well, that means you can help Bartoz here while I teach him. It’s a bit hard to both teach and be his training partner” Thierry grinned as Ethan’s eyes widened. ”and you are perfect, after all, your strong yourself, if less muscular. That means Bartoz can really focus on the movement and skills”.
    Bartoz smiled as he heard that, not seeing the look of horror on Ethan’s face at being demoted to ’Training dummy’.

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