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    Thierry held Bartoz’s cock , his fingers not even able to reach around due to its large girth.
    “bet you’ve had plenty of partners” Thierry said as he pulled his hand up and down slowly, stroking the huge cock.
    Bartoz flushed as Theirry looked up at him. “only…girls” the hunk replied, and Thierry’s eyes widened.
    “well then I guess we’ll have to remedy that” Thierry responded eagerly, A twinkle in his eyes. Thoughts raced through his head, but first he had to get Bartoz to enjoy this.
    “you don’t” Bartoz said his large hands moving to pull Thierry up, but the smaller man twisted out of the way.
    “Oh I want to! Now let me pleasure you” Theirry said his head moving in and his tongue lanced out, licking the underside of the throbbing cock.


    Bartoz’s moans were music to Thierry’s ears. His hands moved around, squeezing the adonis esque thighs. His mouth moved, his lips feather light, dragging along the side of the penis.
    (damn, I bet he hasn’t been given a good blowjob before) Thierry thought with a smirk as his mouth moved to the head of the dick. (Time to see how well I’ve suppressed my gag reflex) Thierry mused as his lips closed around glans.
    “mmmmmmm!!!” Bartoz moaned in pleasure, his body shivering. His nerves were aflame. He felt Thierry’s hands gripping his hips. Holding tight to steady himself, and to stop the primal instinct every male has.
    To thrust.


    (Fucking huge, jeez I think I’m going to need to practice) Thierry grunted as he moved his face closer, slowly taking in another inch. (His length isn’t the issue, it’s the fact it’s thicker than a beer can!) Thierry’s tongue moved slowly, coating the head and glans with his saliva.
    Bartoz was trembling in pleasure. His cock pulsing as felt the warm cave of Thierry’s mouth. His eyes half closed in ecstasy as the licking caused his balls to clench.
    Suddenly it stopped.


    “What the f…” Bartoz growled, annoyed. The pleasure he had been reveling in for the last few moments was gone. His cock pulsing, aching, hard as a steel beam. His hands moved down, ready to grip Thierry;s head and force him back onto his cock. He WANTED that feeling agian
    Then the fog cleared as he heard a tinkling sound from the front.
    “Fuck, it must by lunch I ordered earlier” Thierry said “worst fucking timing” he grumbled.

    “wait, did you close the door?” Thierry turned back, almost poking his eye with the throbbing man meat pointed at his face.
    “close the door?” Bartoz parroted “i don’t think so”.

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