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    Kyle growled as he lunged forwards, stepping around Ethan’s arm and getting behind Thierry. Thierry swung his arm behind him, attempting to hit Kyle. Lucky gasped at this moment squeezing and relaxing on Thierry’s dick, getting close to his own orgasm. Thierry froze as Lucky’s muscle butt quivered on his cock, and Kyle used the moment to slip behind Thierry and lock his arms around his neck in a rear naked choke.

    His arm bulged as he locked in the hold, the bicep pressing into Thierry’s neck.
    “your not going to enjoy my borfriends ass anymore!”

    Lucky panted as he felt Kyle take control of Theirry and he started to thrust back and forth, slamming his ass and hole against Thierrys big cock.


    Lucky panted, groaning in pleasure as Thierrys cock stimulated his pleasure spots. With Kyle holding him securely, Lucky kept pushing his body backwards, treating Thierry as a walking dildo. Kyles arm swelled as he put more pressure on the muscled neck of his prey. He was going for the slow choke instead of the fast knockout. Lucky could feel Thierrys cock throbbing as it was about to burst. He stepped forward, pulling off the throbbing cock as it exploded, coating his back in a shower of cum.

    Kyle growled, watching as his lovers back was coated and his grip tightened. Choking Thierry out mid orgasm. Thierry’s eyes closed and he stopped resisting Kyle’s grip. His arms flopped down to his side.

    Kyle shook his head and then turned and dropper Thierry on the couch.


    Ethan sighed as he started to pack up his equipment, trying to ignore Kyle and Lucky.
    “You don’t need a tag partner. You have me! Look at him! The only think going for him is he has muscles but no idea how to use them. You be in his tag team and you will be the bottom.”
    Lucky would shake his head, a smile on his face.
    “but the optics would’ve been perfect, the young rookie team taking on all the others, rising to the top. The pay would also be great. And I can’t partner with you. Your not interested in the gig. You’ve said so multiple times.”


    Ethan shook his head as Lucky led his boyfriend out of the room and they continued to argue. He walked over to Thierry’s body and shook his head.
    “no idea what they are going to do with you but this doesn’t bode well for your future here at Marcus Wrest. Maybe the boss can do something with these stills. Though Kyle was right, you do have a hot body.”

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