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    Kyle took a step forwards, clenching his fists in anger as he watched his boyfriend licking this assholes cock.
    “Oh you bastard, you are just here to be taken pictures of and be the new bitch we all get to bang. Don’t get any ideas in your head!”.
    Lucky stood up and turned, stepping into Kyle and stopping his partner from getting closer.
    “Its ok Ky, its just some harmless fun. “Lucky was used to his boyfriend’s volatile mood.

    “its not like last time with Leon, besides you know I’m yours”.


    Thierry smirks as he heard the exchange “well I don’t know. Your Boyfriend seems pretty lackluster compared to me!”
    Kyle’s eyes blaze as he yanks his tank top off and pushes hard at Lucky, attempting to get behind his lover.
    “say that again you little shit! I’ll beat you bloody. You have pretty muscle but these” Kyle flexes his larger chest “are real muscles that can destroy you without effort!”

    Thierry grinned as he did get a good look at Kyles muscles, they were a little larger than his own but he had handled larger guys than Kyle.


    Thierry steps forward, his hands moving down to grip lucky’s hips as he had a evil thought. His cock was steel hard. Lubed and there was a perfect bubble butt just waving at him. Lucky blinked as he felt his hips grabbed as he was moving to placate Kyle.
    “now Kyle we don’t want a ahhhhhhHHHHH MMMMMMMMM!”
    Kyle blinked in confusion as his lover let out a deep moan of pleasure and then his mouth opened.

    Thierry grinned in pleasure as he looked over at Kyle “he has one tight ass, good thing he lube me up, but I guess hes not used to a big dick. You clearly have something only a microscope can find!”


    Ethan stepped forward quickly, gripping Kyles’ shoulders and chest, restraining the hunk before he could do something. Kyle strained against the wiry cameraman as he saw Lucky bend over. His boyfriend had his mouth open in a large “O” of pure pleasure as Thierry pushed in deeper, gripping his hips for a commanding performance.
    “You see, hasn’t had a good dick in ages so Hes all ready for mine. Don’t worry I’ll make sure he enjoys it”.
    Thierry starts to thrust, hearing Lucky moan and whimper in pleasure.
    Kyle was shaking in anger as he was held back by the surprisingly strong Ethan.

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