18.11 Dave Kicked

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  1. AdamJ0000 says:

    A dick kick. A teachable moment. If Dave goes down, Patrick and Quinn won’t hang around. Larry may yet get Dave’s tight ass.

    • Marcus Wrest says:

      Yeah. The three of them all together is barely enough to hold down Larry. If one of them is taken out, the rest will be crushed!

      • mm84 says:

        I hope Dave can handle it after that kick.
        Patrice should bend Larry’s support leg and tighten his strangulation.
        Quinn, move your ass!

        • Marcus Wrest says:

          Quinn keeps getting pinned by Dave to the wall accidentally. He wants to get in the action but Coach Larry isn’t gonna make it easy 😀

          • AdamJ0000 says:

            No one has the size to take on Larry except for Dave. Quinn will be on the losing end of the fight before he gets a punch in.

          • Marcus Wrest says:

            Yeah. I kinda was going for Quinn being squashed by Coach as an original concept. Time will tell if this turns out a better outcome 😀

  2. COUCCINI says:

    What a kick!
    BTW, usually, when I click on the pictures, I’m able to enlarge them. Doesn’t work on today’s issues.

    • Marcus Wrest says:

      Thanks for that heads up. Yeah sometimes I forget to get all the settings right. I fixed it now. Same goes for any thumbnails that don’t go full size. If you spot one that doesn’t expand to full size, please let me know. I want you to enjoy the full high resolution image 😀

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