18.12 to 18.15 Riding the Bull

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  1. mm84 says:

    The strength of the three must be able to calm the ardour of the coach.
    Come on Quinn tightens his neck well!

  2. Robert says:

    Hope the young bucks totally mash their coach, and cum all over him in a victory pose!

  3. AdamJ0000 says:

    Quinn is late to the party, but he may come off the hero. Close the rear naked choke! Pool party at Dave’s parent’s house.

  4. Comicfan says:

    Yes! It was great to see the coach being kicked in the balls… I still dare to suggest a new version of this ballbusting scene: a tight short not black with a huge bulge getting smashed by a kick or punched repeatedly with a face getting more and more despaired.

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