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  1. Damn Dave looks hot in the cage and handcuffed. I think Dave has put aside the betrayal and looks genuinely sad for his friend. Does Amir’s triumph mean Qwin’s ass has been sold for the night?

  2. I’m new to your site and am absolutely loving it! I especially like the scenes where there is an audience cheering the studs on…..makes things all the hotter. Even better would be if some of the audience, such as the suited men in Club Chain, had their cocks out, strokin’ to the action, dripping pre. What do you think, Marcus? Would this be possible?

      1. The red chat icon only appears when I am online and logged in. But you can leave a comment here at a post too, thats fine. or send a message via Patreon.
        But first, welcome to the club Robert! I hope you enjoy the complete gallery ;D

    1. That’s definitely a good idea . I like it. It’s a lot more work than than the usual scenes so I do avoid it, but yes that would make for an awesome scene.

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