Behind the Scenes 12: Medhi vs the Twins

Medhi has a score to settle with The twins Brayden and Jayden. The twins recently embarrassed Mehdi in front of all their fans on a recent livestream. In the stream, they saw the twins make Medhi lose a last-to-cum game and made him lick up all their collected spunk. (See Behind the Scenes 6: Medhi and the Twins)

Medhi wants to put the twins in their place and get some payback so he challenges them to a 2 vs 1 tag match at the Rave Cave Fight Club.

Medhi, the twins and their friends sometimes perform live music at this club, and they occassionally fight there too. (See Chapter 28: Rave Cave Fight Club) They decide to have their match at the club’s octagon before the club opens for the night.  They hit the club at the early afternoon . They strip down and get ready for a fight…


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Medhi drags Jayden away to focus his attacks on Brayden who can’t use both hands to defend himself. But Jayden recovers just enough to deliver a very cruicial blow.

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16 to 19 Finger Licking Good

Medhi strips down Brayden and prepares him for the next stage of his punishment. Jayden helplessly watches in the corner, unable to jump in without forfeiting the match.