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    Andre leans forward, making the first move. My pulse quickens. His hand reaching out, just a scant millimeter above my flesh. The moment lasting for an eternity. He is an eager and powerful lion. Ready to pounce on top of me and claim me right then and there. I lick my lips eager for him to start.


    Then Caio reaches out and grabs his thigh. Stopping him.

    I blink in surprise. Andre matches my expression but I can see the desire in his eyes. The desire to take. To ravish me.
    Caio looks at me and he smiles then he leans in close. Whispers something I couldn’t hear.

    Andre then smiles and nods.


    I watch as each twin grans their substantial cocks. They both slowly start to stroke themselves. I notice that their seeds starts to ooze out almost immediately. My eyes widen slightly at the volume produced just now.
    Andre reaches back and pulls Caio in closer, both hard cocks pointed at my chest and face. I blink and realize what would be coming and I take my sunglasses off.


    Both men are shaking in pleasure, obviously getting close to their own orgasms. The first of many I hoped. i wanted them in me but clearly they had a ritual. Its why Caio stopped Andre earlier. Though what the ritual is or its process was unclear to me.

    Both men started to pant, their hands stroking faster. I could see the flared heads pulsing. The vein beneath Andre’s dick throbbing and I knew it was imminent. Caio’s balls pulsed loading his weapon.

    I Open my mouth, just in case and then both twins moaned in mutual ecstasy as both cocks erupted.
    I was shocked, Andre was closer but his seed landed on my chest and chin.
    Caio on the other hand. His orgasm was quite potent. His seed shot over my head and then onto my face.

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