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    I emerge from the pool, my shapely legs catching the last rays of the glorious sun. I turn and sit on the bed, a towel resting under my head. My head turns as I see Andre staring hungrily at me. We had been swimming in the cool water, I was just out of reach of the two hungry males. Each stalked me through the water. I knew they could overtake me with ease but it was all about the chase.
    Caio is further back, standing under a spout, the water highlighting his perfect back. Andre notices where my eyes were focused, and he raised his arms, the light illuminating his sculpted muscles.

    I open my mouth and lick my lips, watching as Andre slowly turns, showing his athletic and handsome body.
    I’m not sure which twin I preferred…


    Caio approaches brazenly. His muscled body on display, stalking forward, the king of the jungle. Andre follows a moment later, showing his dexterity as he steps up backwards, showing his magnificent ass. Clearly, the twins were blessed by the gods. Perhaps even made by a divine sculptor…

    My thoughts are cut off as Caio’s hard cock points directly at me. He says no words, his body and pose shouting what he wants. No demands.


    Caio stops just shy of the bed. His hand lightly held his tool. I smile coyly at him and he smirks back. He knows what is coming. His eyes roam over my taut body, the gleam in pleasure. I turn my head to see Andre scowling at his twin. He was presenting his body, as perfect as his twin. My mouth opens as I see them both. The left eye reflects Caio, the right reflects Andre.


    Andre steps fully out of the pool, and wraps his arm around Caio. Caio drapes his arm over his twin’s shoulder. Both predators, gazing at their prey.

    The question is…
    Who makes the first move?
    The predators.
    The prey.

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