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9 Responses

  1. This is not interesting or stimulating….these positions would be terribly uncomfortable to be having sex in….try getting back to some reality in your images…!!!

  2. This is a fantastic series and it’s getting better . ^ the whole exitement of drawings / cgi is its fantasy and you can make the Impossible . Reality in fantasy ^
    Fantastic work as always !!! Thank you Marcus this is fucking HOT !!!

  3. Thanks for the feedback :D. Both are valid points.

    Part of the appeal of fantasy/erotic art like 3d is to create situations that are near impossible in reality. Sometimes it pushes the boundaries of what is physically possible and can only exist in the mind or on the page. This can be feats of strength, or the bodily proportions or the sexual abilities of the “actors”. Now each person naturally has a limit as to what they are willing to accept as possible. And beyond that that person would probably not be drawn in to the fantasy anymore. It also varies from person to person how far from reality they like their fantasy. Some like things more grounded in reality, some like very exaggerated features. I can’t say for sure where my work sits in this spectrum. I like my characters and situations to be at the edge of what is probable. Beyond the normal, but still within the possible. But at the same time, I am also constantly learning and evolving. When I get feedback, I learn what people like from my work. And sometimes I talk to other fighers and they tell me their stories. This helps me shape what can and cannot be done as well. So even my own limits are also changing.

    I can only create art and inspire erotic fantasy when I myself am feeling creative and inspired. So my work would tend to be in the realm of the kind of fantasy that I would enjoy making. And I can only hope that my creations reach those who also appreciate similar styles.

  4. I have to agree with Dominic. I am always impressed with the work you produce and the stories you create to go along with them. Maybe not all portrayals are perfect, but who/what is.
    Besides. I doubt Denton or Jackson is concerned with “comfort” or “position” of the Corrieas either. Lol

    Thank you for what you doing and for always taking our interests and ideas into consideration.

    I’m glad to see you can handle bad just as well as the good. There’s criticism and then their is whining. And it’s good to be able to see the difference

    1. Thanks. That being said, I would always welcome commentary on my work. Sometimes there are things I miss or blind spots I have and I do like it when it is called to my attention. Sometimes I can do something about it, sometimes not. 😀

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