October 15, 2021

b12.28 to 31 Jayden’s Turn

Jayden finally gets into the fight, but Medhi makes quick work of him.
October 12, 2021

10.78 to 10.81

Denton flips Caio over and hangs him in the perfect position to for a spectacle that the crowd was hoping to see all night.
October 7, 2021

24 to 27 Demolishing Brayden

Medhi continues to toy with Brayden who is helpless against his attacks.
October 4, 2021

10.74 to 10.77 Lifting and Breaking Caio

Denton finally releases Caio from his corner and lifts him in a torture rack. He then uses their combined weight to break in Joao and Andre even more.
October 3, 2021

20 to 23 Playing with Brayden’s Hole

Medhi slides his moist fingers up Brayden's exposed hole and toys with the blue haired hunk.
June 5, 2021

10.60.2 to 10.60.5

João is smothered underneath Denton, while Andre services his new master.
April 11, 2021

26.23 to 26.26 Trapped and Dominated

Leon is trapped and dominated by the double teaming studs.