What is a Panel?

A panel is a set of one or more images of a single action, seen from one or more perspectives. For example 14.21 Dragon Sleeper and a Stomp is a panel that contains 3 images.

The number at beside the panel describes the chapter and the  number of that panel. In this case, this panel is from Chapter 14 and is the 21st panel of that chapter. If the panel has a b prefix, like b10.20, this means that chapter is from the Behind the Scenes catalog.

What is a Post?

A post is an story update that can contains one or more panels. Most posts contain 4 panels with a few exemptions. For example 20.29 to 20.33 Final Humiliation is a post that contains 5 panels.

Types of Panels


These are panels from regular fights. They can be pre-recorded fights or live shows, which are fights done in front of a live audience.

These are analogous to the real world erotic wrestling content you can buy as DVD or digital downloads from your favorite wrestling company.

Available to tiers:  Ringside Pass, Backstage Pass, Season Pass

The above listed tiers have access to all Fight panels. Tiers such as Guest Pass and Basic Pass have access to a limited subset of the Fight panels.

Behind the Scenes

These panels take a look at the private lives of the men at MarcusWrest.com These panels show what they do on their own time. These are the auditions, backstage events, selfies, home made videos, private cam shows, hidden camera, etc. Since a lot of the men here are hot headed, there can also be fights behind the scenes, but these are private fights and therefor under Behind the Scenes.

Available to tiers: Backstage Pass, Season Pass


These panels are exclusive private panels for very generous patrons of the site. VIP panels are only accessible via Season Pass

Available to tier: Season Pass

Early Access

Early Access are posts that are going to be realeased as Fight or Behind the Scenes in the future but posted early for Season Pass patrons to see..

Available to tiers: Season Pass

Archived Panels

Archive panels are older panels that have long been completed for more than a year. There are two ways to access Archived panels.

Archived Stores are accessible to Season Pass patrons ($45) or patrons who have pledged over $500 since the start of their patronage. This means that long term patrons ($500 is about 2 years of patronage at Backstage Pass) have access to Archived Panels without having to upgrade to Season Pass.

Available to tiers: Season Pass, or patrons who have pledged $500 or more since they became a patron.

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