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13 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t they be dripping a bit of pre-cum by now? Dave because his cock is engorged with power and Hikaru because his balls and prostate must be screaming and spasming by now.

  2. Amazing power you have…. to scan my mind and give vision to my deepest fantasies! A gripping series on ball punishment. My fave is 27.17, especially the second image.
    A fingers wrapped full strength ball squeeze while still side punching the trapped man’s gut. Check the power portrayed in Dave’s bicep and arm as he forces his hold on Hikaru’s nuts. How would you feel? The shock and pain show clearly on the cute kid’s face. Dave’s expression gives us a lot too, the power he is putting into damaging his victim and the pleasure he is taking from it. An animalistic snarl of joy in hurting his opponent. What more could you want? But wait, there IS more. Dave’s not done. He goes back to work on Hikaru’s balls a panel later culminating with full force hard fist punches on the man’s totally exposed testicles in 20.20 . Super Hot! (It would be nice to have a shot of Dave’s fist actually smashing into and squashing Hikaru’s eggs but I gather that is technically difficult). As you may have guessed, Luv your stuff!

    1. Hello! And thank you so much for your feedback! I’m always happy when a Patreon enjoys the little details of each piece. Yeah I like making scenes of hard punishment by sadistic heels. Dave is the perfect candidate for delivering such pain 😀

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