38.81 to 38.84

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52.09 to 52.12

The twinks get hard for the audience, but then so does Dave.

49.01 to 49.04

Damon and Romeo are instructed to take a special substance to prepare them for the fight.

42 to 45

Jun and Shu lick their spunk off Luiz and proceed to milk him again! Then they flip him over for the next phase!

30 to 33

Luiz blows his load again and all 3 guys take turns licking it up!

26 to 29

Luiz’s balls and abs get a workover.

Joao Shows Off

Joao proudly shows off his goods. Damon shows his playful side by pranking Joao on set.

26.38 to 26.41

Lucky and Leon have some fun with Kyle who is now cuffed to the corner, but Lucky might have just put himself at a dangerous position.