Behind the Scenes 10: Patryk in the Audience, Updated for Backstage Pass Patrons

Five multi-panels (S10.25 to S10.29 Brutal Camel) have been added to BTS 10: Patryk in the Audience and is accessible to Backstage Pass patrons or higher.

With Patryk having blown his load, it was time to focus once more to punishing João.

Normally there should only be 4 multi-panels, but there is a Backstage Pass poll on Patreon on the next scene so it’s important that you see the remaining panels on this Behind the Scenes so you can vote on the next scene.  Make sure you vote on the poll if you haven’t already. The votes are really close and I would like to see a clear winner so I know what scene to work on next.

Because of the extra panel this month, next month there will be 15 multi-panels instead of 16.

A summary of the released and to-be-released panels for March is in the March 2021 Monthly Summary

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