Chapter 13: Rami vs Gabriel Gallery

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This gallery is temporarily available to the public. It will eventually be changed to Erotic Access only once the trunks come off.

Chapter 13: Rami vs Gabriel

Rami the soldier vs Gabriel the gogo boy. Two veteran fighters of Club Chain duke it out in the center ring. One is a trained soldier, the other a sexy instagram model. What could possibly happen?

Bonus Content

Includes drafts, stat sheets, and Free-for-Public versions


  1. mm84 says:

    Excellent work that allowed me to see scenes I had missed. A sequel to this chapter would be logical and interesting.

  2. Marcus Wrest says:

    Thanks for the compliments! I”ll continue this fight someday I hope!

  3. Thomas says:

    Alright, trunks off. Let’s see the details!

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