40.25 to 40.28

Some unreleased promo pics of the tag team partnership that never happened.

40.21 to 40.24

Jealous Kyle chokes out Thierry ’til he passes out, but not before he busts a nut!

47.05 to 47.08

It’s nighttime at the Correia villa and despite the cold night, the twins heat up the scene!

40.13 to 40.16

Lucky’s boyfriend Kyle gets jealous during the photoshoot

47.01 to 47.04

The Correia twins show you the goods in their roof top pool.

42.01 to 42.04

The Campbell twins are bound and offered up as a plaything for a client.

40.05 to 40.08

Thierry gets rejected, but also gets to meet one of the Marcus Wrest superstars.