31.48 to 31.51

Dave smashes poor Patryk’s babymakers with his full weight. Patrick lashes out, but can he still save himself?

49 to 52

The Correia’s have some torturous fun at the expense of Damon and Romeo

45 to 48

The twins come to rescue the younger Joao.

31.44 to 31.47

Quinn makes Angelito clean up his mess and Dave kicks Patryk out of the ring in the most painful way.

23.46 to 49

The boys spitroast their Brazilian hottie but their fun time is interrupted.

b12.80 to 83

Medhi blows his load but he still wants to have more fun with one of the twins.

30 to 33

Luiz blows his load again and all 3 guys take turns licking it up!

26.66 to 69

Leon chokes Lucky till he passes out and takes humiliating pictures, while Kyle helplessly watches