September 17, 2021

b12.12 to b12.15 Back Torture

Medhi assaults Brayden's already tortured back with a series of painful holds.
September 8, 2021

18 to 21 Luiz Blows His Load

Jun and Shu work on Luiz, teasing him expertly till he blows his load.
September 4, 2021

10.70 to 10.73 Getting Hard

Jaxon coaxes Joao's balls till he gets hard, preparing him for the "next phase"
August 26, 2021

b12.08 to b12.11 Stripped and Slamed

Medhi strips off Brayden's pants and slams into him in a series of backbreaking maneuvers.
August 26, 2021

b11.73 to b11.76 Overflow

Romeo blows his load and fills Patryk's mouth. Patryk can barely keep it all in and it spills out of his mouth and drips down his chin
April 8, 2021

41 to 44

Jun and Shu are offered a spot at the Boss' roster of fighters but first they have to prove their loyalty.
April 4, 2021

10.58 to 10.61 Correia Ball Busting

The Correias are subjected to more ball bashing.