25 to 28

Damon pummels Joao with gut punches and low blows, and gets him into a submissive position.

31.24 to 31.27

Patryk tries to save his partner but only ends up getting trapped in the ring with him.

31.21 to 31.23b

Quinn and Dave double teams Angelito and discover that he is hiding quite a tool under those white trunks.

34 to 37

Having “cleaned up” Luiz’s tool, Jun and Shu decide what to do next. They release him from his overhead shackles and have some fun with him on the ground.

b12.68 to 71

Medhi has one last demand from the twins before he lets them go. And Brayden reluctantly agrees.

26.54 to 26.57

Leon plows Lucky then makes him pleasure Kyle who is bound in the corner.

86 to 89

The heels drop Joao on top of Caio and pose victoriously for the crowd. Jaxon toys with Joao some more, thinking of how to punish the twink further.