33 to 36

Joao is tied to the corner and attacked, aroused, and humiliated.

31.32 to 31.35

Dave crushes Patryk in a brutal bearhug and simultaneously milking him without revealing too much to the audience.

29 to 32

Joao fights dirty with a punch to the balls but Romeo steps in to defend Damon.

31.28 to 31.31

Dave crushes the jobbers in a bearhug and makes them makeout. But when he pulls them apart, he sees them hard as a rock.

38 to 41

Jun and Shu take turns feeding their hogs to the bound Luiz. Then they stroke themselves to a perfect climax.

b12.72 to 75

Brayden finally blows his load and Medhi claims victory over the twins.

22 to 25

Jun and Shu slurp up Luiz’s seed.

26.58 to 26.61 Overflow

Kyle can’t hold back anymore and fills his boyfriends mouth with his seed. And there is a lot of it!

40 to 43

Dave plows Hikaru over the bar, in plain view of everyone.