December 17, 2022

57 to 60

Joao decides to prolong the torture of Damon and Romeo, with the use of a vibrating toy.
December 9, 2022

38.05 to 38.08

Hampus shoves Dave's face into Hikaru's ass.
August 3, 2022

42 to 45

Jun and Shu lick their spunk off Luiz and proceed to milk him again! Then they flip him over for the next phase!
March 22, 2022

09 to 12

Joao keeps taunting the duo. Romeo snaps and he and Damon start double teaming Joao.
February 20, 2022

05 to 08 Come at Me Bro

Damon and Romeo try to ignore Joao but the twink just keeps pestering them with lewd comments.